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How Often Should You Replace Your AC Air Filters?

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To ensure the maximum efficiency of your system and the best indoor air quality, your HVAC system needs to operate with a clean filter. The air filters of your air conditioning system play a significant role in maintaining an optimal temperature in your home. They also tend to remove dirt particles, pet hair, pollen, and other allergens from the air, so you don’t breathe them in.

Your AC air filters automatically trap airborne contaminants to prevent them from circulating throughout your home. They must be cleaned and changed on time to avoid costly repairs and health issues. But how often should you replace your HVAC air filters?

Please read on to get a precise answer to this puzzling question. The experts of Diamond Air Design will also share some indicators to inform you that it is the right time to get your air filters maintained or replaced.

How Often Should You Replace/Maintain Your AC Air Filters

Most expensive AC air filters can work for up to 6 months without replacement. But keeping your AC air filter from going unreplaced for 3 months is recommended. In general, the more you use your home, the more you need to change the air filters of your HVAC system. The right time to replace your AC air filter depends upon several factors, such as:

  • Air pollution level
  • Number of people in your house with some severe health conditions, like asthma and allergies
  • Number of pets in your house
  • The size of your house
  • Quality of air in your area

The type of air filters you choose significantly affects the duration of their replacement. For example, you will find the following types of HVAC air filters in the market:

  • Washable Air Filters

Washable air filters are the most durable option because you can wash and use them longer.

  • Electrostatic Air Filters

Electrostatic filters may need to be replaced earlier as they use paper and cotton fibers to capture dust and other particles.

  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Air Filters

HEPA air filters are the best to improve indoor air quality.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Air Filters

The following indicators will help you identify if your AC air filters need replacement or at least cleaning.

  • Your system is taking longer to cool or warm up the room
  • If you notice any dirt on the filters around the vents. Dirty air filters must be changed or cleaned immediately to avoid respiratory problems.
  • If your energy bills suddenly increase, it could signify clogged air filters.
  • If any of your family members notice an increase in allergy symptoms, such as red eyes, sore throat, running nose, or sneezing.
  • If you notice any musty smell in your air filters or around the vents.

It is vital to look after your HVAC system to prolong its lifespan and increase efficiency. If you need clarification on whether your AC air filters need to be changed or cleaned, you can get assistance from the pros of Diamond Air Design. We offer premium-class HVAC maintenance and installation services in Florida.

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