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Things You Need to Know about Air Duct Cleaning

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Air duct cleaning

Most homeowners only pay attention to their heating and cooling systems if they have encountered a costlier problem. Air duct cleaning is vital to ensure proper hygiene in your living spaces. Tucked under floors and behind the walls are the invisible railway systems that transport pre-conditioned air and deliver back the conditioned air into your home.

Just like the condensers of your air system, air ducts also need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Air ducts play a significant role in maintaining comfort in your home throughout the year, but they may accumulate dust particles, mold, or debris, if not appropriately maintained.

When To Clean Your Air Ducts

It is necessary to clean your air ducts every few years to ensure the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. You should call a professional HVAC contractor like Diamond Air Design if you notice the following conditions:

  • Sustained water damage in your air ducts
  • Clogged ducts due to dust and debris
  • A nasty odor from your air duct system
  • A substantial mold growth

A professional air duct cleaner will thoroughly inspect your ductwork to check for any water damage, excess dust, leaks, or debris.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

Frequent air duct cleaning will improve indoor air quality, boosting the overall health of you and your family. Unfortunately, indoor air contains carbon monoxide, volatile chemicals, and dust particles that can be pulled into your HVAC system. These pollutants accumulate in your ductwork and enter your living spaces. Breathing in this contaminated air can trigger severe health conditions, like respiratory illness, sneezing, or coughing.

  • Improve the Efficiency of your HVAC Unit

The dust and debris accumulated in the ductwork can cause an inefficient flow of conditioned air, resulting in fluctuating temperatures in your home. Damaged and clogged air ducts make your HVAC system work harder to circulate the cool or warm air, which can increase your energy bills. Cleaning your ductwork allows the HVAC system to perform efficiently, helping you cut off higher energy bills.

  • Prolong the Lifespan of Air Filters

Too much dust and debris in the ductwork can clog and damage the air filter faster than usual. You will need to replace air filters more often, which can put a hole in your pocket. Cleaning your ductwork is a good idea to eliminate contaminants and prolong the lifespan of your air filters.

Find Professional Air Duct Cleaner in Florida

While you may be able to manage some aspects of your air duct cleaning, it should be done by a professional to avoid unwanted results. Diamond Air Design’s HVAC experts are able to handle every aspect of cleaning and maintaining your heating and cooling system.

We can help in:

  • Hosting out the condenser coils
  • Changing air filters
  • Hosing out the condenser coils

We have all the right tools to clean hard-to-reach areas of your air ducts. Our skilled technicians provide heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Contact us now to request any of your services!

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