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Why Is Your Air Conditioning/AC Blowing Hot Air?

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AC blowing hot air

When battling hot summer days, you need a properly working air conditioning system to keep your spaces cool and comfortable. What if you come home after a hectic day and your house is warm? You go to your nearby AC supply vent, but your air conditioning blows hot air.

A malfunctioning AC on hot summer days can be frustrating, but you’re not alone. Every summer, homeowners across every city’s state face the same problem. To save you from this challenging situation, we are here to tell you why your AC is blowing hot air.

Common Reasons Why Your AC Blowing Hot Air

The following problems can make your AC blow hot air instead of dispersing the cold air that you’ve been craving:

  • Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat plays a significant role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. If your thermostat is not set correctly or maintained, it can cause your air conditioner to blow warm air. Your thermostat may be set to “Heat.” Change that setting to “Cool” if you want your AC to blow cool air.

You also need to check if the settings of your thermostat fan are not set to “On.” You might think your thermostat fans are set to “ON” on a hot day, but that’s not right!

If your thermostat fan is on, it will blow out hot air when your air conditioner takes a break. You need your thermostat’s fan settings switched to “Auto” to blow only cool air.

  • Frozen AC Coil

A frozen AC coil can also be the culprit for your AC blowing hot air. If the heat is not adequately absorbed into the coils for a certain period, it freezes due to the chemical properties of the refrigerant. Collapsed air ducts and dirty evaporator coils can result in frozen AC coils.

It’s crucial to ensure your evaporator coils’ proper maintenance and cleanliness to prevent your AC from dispersing hot air. Schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up with Diamond Air Design to get your unit cleaned and ready to cool down your home.

  • Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak can also cause your cooling unit to disperse hot air. The low refrigerant levels will expand the chemical liquid, allowing it to escape the refrigerant line through a leak. Once your AC coils have frozen, your cooling system can’t extract the warm air from your home, simply sending it back unconditioned.

  • Compressor Failure

The compressor is an essential part of your cooling system that circulates the refrigerant around your HVAC unit. An outdated compressor pulls more and more electricity, eventually tipping your breaker. Compressor failure can also cause the contaminants to settle in the closed-loop system, blocking the refrigerant from its normal function.

Prevent Your AC From Blowing Hot Air

Changing air filters is an essential thing you can do to prevent your cooling system from blowing warm air. Also, check your unit’s compressor, refrigerant levels, thermostat, and fuse box to catch the problem. You can get help from a professional HVAC contractor-Diamond Air Design, to prevent your AC from blowing hot air in the future.

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