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5 Most Common Air Conditioner/Conditioning Repairs

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Air conditioning repairs

The summer season has eventually arrived, and air conditioners have again become the talk of the town. The brutal summer days in Florida are unbearable if your air conditioning unit goes out. Like all other smart gadgets, your air conditioners need a regular tune-up to preserve their optimal condition and functionality.

Air conditioner/conditioning repairs can be costlier, so checking your AC units to catch any potential problems is vital. Identifying common air conditioning problems helps you take preventative measures or hire a professional contractor to avoid massive repairs.

Common Air Conditioner/Conditioning Repairs


    Water Leak

If you see any water leakage from your indoor air conditioner unit, it is the perfect time to call an AC contractor. Mold growth, such as fungi or algae, can clog your system’s condensate drain, leaking water. A damaged or broken condensate pump can also cause indoor water leakage.

The professionals of Diamond Air Design use a dry or wet vacuum to unclog the condensate pipe. We can also replace the condensate pump if it has broken down completely.


    AC Refrigerant Leak

AC refrigerant leak is the most common AC repair that can be fixed with the help of a professional technician. AC refrigerant (aka Freon) is responsible for cooling the air within your air conditioning unit. A refrigerant leak can significantly reduce the efficiency of your unit because it’s the actual mechanism through which your home gets cool.

The experts of Diamond Air Design can top up your AC refrigerant and apply minor fixes if you experience a little leak. We can also replace the whole network if we notice any larger faults within the pipes.


    Damaged Compressor

A compressor is one of the integral components of your air conditioning system. It helps AC refrigerants carry out the heat exchange and regulate the AC pressure. Lack of lubrication and dirty evaporating coils can damage the compressor. Irregular changes in refrigerant can also cause compressor failure. Inconsistent refrigerant levels can increase the pressure level in the unit, resulting in compressor failure.

You can contact us for any type of AC repair. We will detect your HVAC airflow to determine whether your system’s compressor needs repair or replacement.


    Capacitor Failure

You might observe that your AC turns on and off abruptly, with a clicking sound. This issue signifies the capacitor failure of your air conditioning unit. Capacitor is the integral component of your system that gives the motor an initial push to start working. Power fluctuations, overheating, and frequent changes in the thermostat can damage your AC’s capacitor.


    Loud AC Noises

Loud and strange noises from your air conditioning unit indicate an underlying problem. These sounds may seem annoying, but they help you catch the issue before it worsens. A motor or compressor failure or excess moisture in your unit can cause a grinding or bubbling noise.

Find a Professional Air Conditioning Contractor Near Me

You should always pay attention to the common AC problems that can worsen and cause expensive repairs. You can contact the professionals of Diamond Air Design as soon as you notice any problem in your air conditioning system.

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