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Common Reasons Why Your AC Making Noise

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AC making noise

Since we rely on our cooling systems to get through the hot summer days, it can be frustrating and troubling to hear exceptionally loud noises from your air conditioner. You should never ignore the unfamiliar noises coming out from your AC, as they can allow minor fixes to become costlier repairs.

Generally, we don’t tend to think about the maintenance and tune-up of our air conditioning units unless they break out or make loud noises. If your AC makes weird noises, it can signify that your system needs to be repaired or replaced. The sooner you determine the underlying problems, the more expensive fixes you can avoid.

If your AC has any potential problem, it will make several different noises. For example, you may hear a clanking, popping, or buzzing sound. These different sounds signify various AC issues. Stay calm if your HVAC system is so loud. This write-up will share 4 common noises you will hear from your AC. We will also discuss the causes of these mysterious sounds and what you need to do to fix them.

Various Types of AC Noises


    Buzzing Noise

You may hear a buzzing noise from your AC system due to the following reasons:

  • Uncleaned condenser coils
  • Dirt and debris in the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Loose parts
  • Unbalanced fan blades
  • Damaged air filters

Depending on the cause of the issue, you can prevent your AC from making a buzzing sound in the future. A routine check-up and maintenance can help resolve this issue.


    Clicking Noise

It is usual for a cooling system to make a clicking sound at the start-up and shut down the cooling cycles. But if you hear a constant clicking sound, it may signify a potential problem. A loud and constant clicky noise coming from your AC could be a reason of:

  • Loose AC fan
  • Faulty electrical signals
  • Malfunction thermostat
  • Capacitor discharge

To resolve this clicky sound, you need to clean your AC fans. But suppose your system is making noise due to a thermostat malfunction, faulty electrical signals, or a capacitor losing its charge. In that case, you need a professional HVAC contractor like Diamond Air Design to fix the problem.


    Clanking Noise

Your air conditioning unit may also make a clanking noise due to losing connections or broken components. A clanking AC sound could be a sign of:

  • The outdoor fan and indoor blower are hitting each other
  • Loose compressor
  • Failed components

You can fix a clanking noise by repairing the outdoor fan and indoor blower to set the system back in balance.


    Grinding Noise

    Dirt and debris on the AC fans can cause grinding noises coming out from the system. It also signifies that small rocks have damaged the system’s mechanical components. Call a professional HVAC contractor to fix this problem before breaking down the entire system.

    Hearing loud and mysterious noises from your air conditioning unit can indicate a potential underlying problem. Call the pros of Diamond Air Design to diagnose and repair your HVAC system today.

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