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What is a Dual Fuel System in HVAC Units?

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Dual fuel system

The winter and summer seasons can be starkly different in Florida. Freezing winter days offer an excellent challenge for HVAC systems to keep your places warm, but it’s not always easy to use the same system on hotter days to keep your homes cool. Here dual fuel systems come in handy. This potential solution uses two strategies to give you more sustainable and comfortable results.

When replacing your electric furnace with propane or gas, you might get concerned about the efficiency of this system. It is natural to get overwhelmed by all types of information available. The professionals of Diamond Air Design come forward to give you a clearer idea of what is a dual fuel system in HVAC units and how it can make your units more efficient.

We have installed thousands of furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps in Florida. With our deep market knowledge and years of experience, we will help you determine if the dual-fuel system is the right choice for you.

What is a Dual Fuel System: A Brief Overview

The dual fuel system uses a gas-powered electric heat pump or propane furnace. The system uses two different heating sources that alternate between two fuel sources. Unlike traditional gas systems, dual fuel allows you to use your heat pump for heat first, having a gas furnace as backup.

A dual-fuel system uses the power of a gas furnace and the efficiency of a heat pump to keep you comfortable. During the hotter days, your dual fuel heat pump works as an air conditioning unit by removing the hot air from your home and distributing the cooler air through the furnace’s blower.

Advantages of Dual Fuel Systems

Homeowners highly appreciate dual fuel systems due to their following perks:

  • Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the biggest appeal for dual fuel systems. The system generally uses a less expensive option to run at a time. A gas furnace is also less costly to use on cold nights compared to traditional electric pumps. The 2-strategies approach of dual fuel systems aims to deliver an ideal indoor temperature with ease and efficiency.

  • Improved Comfort

Dual fuel systems are also famous for delivering improved comfort throughout your home. It saves you from manually balancing your heating and AC usage by switching effortlessly between heating and cooling. This feature of the dual fuel system is highly appreciable in autumn and spring when you experience fairly substantial temperature fluctuations in Florida.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In addition to energy efficiency, dual-fuel heat pumps are environmentally friendly. The system can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing electricity to heat your spaces. A dual-fuel system can also reduce fossil fuel burning by up to 90%.

Select a Perfect Dual Fuel System

Selecting a perfect dual-fuel system can be overwhelming, especially if you purchase it for the first time. The professionals of Diamond Air Design are well-versed in HVAC installation and maintenance. We can help you determine if the dual fuel system satisfies your need well.

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