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Best Thermostat Setting for Summer and Winter

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It’s natural to think about the best thermostat setting when you experience some of the coldest or warmest temperatures outside. Changing your thermostat temperature consistently can make your home uncomfortable. In addition, if your thermostat is not set to the right temperature, it can result in higher-than-expected energy bills.

Keeping your house warm on the coldest days and finding ways to stay cool on brutal summer days require you to ensure an optimal thermostat setting. To help you get a comfortable environment in your home, here we will share what experts say about the best thermostat setting.

Best Thermostat Setting for Winter

Setting your thermostat at an ideal temperature can help make your home more comfortable during chilly days without facing any financial burden. According to the US Energy Department, homeowners should set their thermostats at 68 degrees Fahrenheit when they’re at home. Some experts also recommend keeping your thermostat temperature below 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you sleep or not at home.

If your HVAC unit has more than one thermostat, each controlling a different zone in your home, then setting its temperature at 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter is okay. The same setting also applies if you have spaces you don’t use in the house.

Experts also say that lowering your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees for about 8 hours can help reduce your yearly energy expenses by 10%. You can insulate your home correctly. Seal cracks and gaps, and install weather strips around the windows and doors to lower your thermostat a degree or two without making your home less comfortable.

Best Thermostat Setting for Summer

Preparing your home for hotter days in Florida can bring a feeling of stress for homeowners. You often get confused about the ideal temperature for your thermostats in summer. You want to make your home cooler and more comfortable. Especially without putting a hole in your pocket. You need to set your thermostat at a sustainable temperature to achieve your goal.

A report by the US Energy Department highlights that 78 degrees Fahrenheit is an optimal thermostat temperature for summer. Some experts also suggest turning your thermostat entirely off when you’re not at home.

The Best Place to Install Thermostat in Your Home

Undoubtedly, a programmable thermostat is highly energy efficient, but you might not be able to enjoy its potential benefits if you don’t install it in an ideal location. Installing thermostats near the center of your house is recommended to make your system more energy efficient.

Installing your thermostat close to a heating unit can make your heating less energy-saving. It is recommended not to place your thermostat near these locations:

  • Hallways
  • Direct sunlight
  • Air vents
  • Kitchen
  • By doors

Setting your thermostat at a sustainable temperature and installing it in an ideal location can help you achieve your ultimate comfort, no matter what is the temperature outside. Contact the experts of Diamond Air Design to find the right type of thermostat for your home and install it perfectly.

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