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Heat Pump Cost: Installation and Maintenance

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Heat pump cost

Heat pumps have become highly popular among homeowners due to their exclusive benefits. They offer an energy-efficient way to maintain an optimal temperature in your home. Compared to traditional air conditioning units and heaters, heat pumps are more efficient, helping you save thousands of dollars on costlier energy bills.

Buying and installing a new heat pump in Florida can be expensive, but it comes with endless benefits. A report by the U.S. Department of Energy highlights that heat pumps can produce three times more energy than the electrical energy consumed during operation.

You might ask what is the average heat pump installation and maintenance cost. You will find the different types of heat pump systems, and each type has a different cost associated with its maintenance and installation. This write-up will highlight the factors affecting Florida’s heat pump cost.

Heat Pump Costs by Type

Type Cost of the Unit Installation Cost
Gas-Fried Heat Pump$3,000 to $6,000$1,300 to $2,000
Ductless Mini-Split$1,000 to $3,500$500 to $1,500
Geothermal Heat Pump$3,000 to $6,000$1,000 to $3,000
Air-Source$2,000 to $5,500$1,300 to $2,000

Heat Pump Repairs

Repair Average Cost
Compressor and condenser$1,500 to $4,500
Ductwork$750 to $3,000
Thermostat$100 to $250
Defroster repairs$100 to $650
Leaks$90 to $600
Clear blockage$80 to $150
Electrical work$100 to $600

Heat Pump Installation Cost

To get an exact estimate of heat pump installation cost, you need help from a professional contractor that can inspect your home. But here we will discuss some factors that affect the repair and installation cost of heat pumps:

  1. Size

The heat pump size you choose significantly affects its maintenance and installation cost. Most residential heat pumps have sizes between 1 and 5 tons. You can choose a perfect size, considering the square footage of your home, number of people living in your home, the layout of your home, and the ductwork condition.

Choosing the right-sized heat pump is vital to save on your energy bills. For example, selecting a smaller heat pump system will not satisfy your home’s needs. On the other hand, a more extensive heat pump system can result in higher up-front costs.

  1. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

SEER is an energy efficiency metric of the heat pump systems that manufacturers disclose to help homeowners select a sustainable HVAC solution. A heat pump system with a higher SEER ratio will be costlier to purchase, install, and maintain. The higher the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the more energy efficient the heat pump.

  1. Warranty

When you buy a new heat pump system, it comes with two different warranties-labor and parts warranty. If your system carries any of these two warranties, you may expect to pay less for heat pump installation and repairs.

  1. Labor Cost

The labor cost of installing or maintaining a heat pump may vary significantly depending on the type of system you choose. Some heat pumps, like geothermal, require more work to manage, resulting in higher installation costs.

If you need further clarification about heat pump installation and repair costs in Florida, you can drop us a message at Diamond Air Design.

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